We've got your back: Back pain relief is just a bra away!

November 1, 2018

At some point in our lives, almost all of us will experience back pain. Whether from an injury or from repetitive use (think lifting heavy objects, like kids!), back pain can slow us down, drain our energy and make it almost impossible to get a restful night’s sleep. If we’re lucky, our back pain is temporary and easily treatable. If we’re not so lucky, then we find ourselves seeking help from chiropractors, surgeons, acupuncturists and massage therapists who offer treatments that are costly but, sadly, not be always effective. Even after all of this, for some of us, finding relief from back pain seems all but impossible. In our search for relief from back pain, few, if any, of us have been asked this simple question by a medical professional, “What about your bra?”


Supportive, properly fitting bras do more than just give the wearer a great silhouette. A good bra can help to alleviate pain in the back, neck and shoulders.



Some of these bra related back pain issues really resonated with Cheryl, one of the two winners of our bra wardrobe makeover contest held this summer. Cheryl is a warm, open, energetic and affectionate mother and grandmother, a former shipping company employee, a snowbird who splits her time between Michigan and Florida and a long time back pain sufferer. Cheryl did a lot of heavy lifting in her former job. Add to that an injury that she suffered a little more than one year ago, and Cheryl was dealing with nearly debilitating back pain. She underwent several medical procedures in an attempt to address her pain. These procedures were somewhat effective, but very costly, draining Cheryl of time, money and energy. On the day that Cheryl came in to be fitted for her bra wardrobe makeover, she had just had a procedure done to address nerve pain in her shoulders, “I just finished recovering”, she said. Cheryl is a positive, effervescent person, and this was the only time that she mentioned her back pain issues before her fitting.


“My back feels so much better," commented Cheryl moments after she was fitted. Rebecca, the owner of Bra~vo Intimates, added to the conversation, saying, “Think about it. That’s 25 pounds of unsupported weight on her back, shoulders and neck!” Cheryl, like myself, is full figured and full busted, and it stands to reason that the larger your breasts are, the more strain they will put on your back.


There’s no bra that can magically cure your back pain, but if any of the descriptions above sound familiar to you then your bra might be making your back pain worse. And hey, if your doctor hasn’t asked you if your bra might be making your back pain worse, ask them!


Click here to see Our Live in the D segment on WDIV and meet the final bra wardrobe makeover contest winners!


Until next time, I’m Erin McClaine, Bra Blogger & Lover!


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