Seamless Bras, AKA T-Shirt Bras

May 6, 2018

Not all bras are created equally. We all know this to be true. Sometimes you want something firm and supportive that hugs you tightly. Sometimes you want something light and easy that feels almost weightless. And sometimes, you want to find a bra that manages to do both. (The parallels to Goldilocks and relationships are significant, but I digress.)


Seamless bras, also called t-shirt bras, are a great option for all levels of support, and many seamless bras can be especially comfortable options for hot weather (think outdoor wedding in mid June). Though many types of bras are cut and sewn from smaller pieces, seamless bras are not and have no seams (lines) going through the cups that show under your T-shirts. They create a smooth Kama line-free silhouette.


Here is a quick, at a glance breakdown of the three main types of seamless bras.


Molded Cup


A bra with cups that have the fabric heat-molded to a round, seamless shape. These are the the original and most basic version of a seamless bra, and though they can be made of a sturdier, more supportive fabric, they have no padding or foam lining. This is the bra that women wear when they want a natural shape and no stiff foam cups.


The Deco vibe molded cup bra by Freya is simple, sporty and easy to wear.


Contoured Cup


This type of seamless bra is the most popular today because it offers a modesty cover of foam to the cup. Contours are pre-formed cups comprised of  a foam or foam like lining that helps define the shape of the breast. This is the best bra when you need a little help with shape and lift.


This is the Fantasie Smoothing bra, a great contoured bra and a wardrobe staple for body-conscious summer attire.



Spacer Bras


Spacer bras look a lot like contoured bras in that they hold their shape when not being worn, but they are made with spacer fabric, which is a honeycomb like material that is designed to create air pockets that allow air to pass through the cup and is very flexible unlike the contour cup. You can feel the difference between a spacer bar and a contoured bra when you put pressure on the cup. The foam-like fabric springs back and when touched and is extremely comfortable. This is the perfect bra for those who want a little lining, a flexible comfortable bra and those who need a fabric that can be cooler. This can make spacer bras a bit more expensive, but totally worth it (so breezy!)


The Amelia spacer bra by Elomi is subtle and sexy! 



Seamless bras are summer must haves, and you can get yourself fitted for the perfect seamless bra, and get fitted by the best fitters in the industry from Panache, Chantelle and more! Make your appointment today for Bra~utopia! Hurry! Appointments receive a gift with purchase and fill up fast! Email or call the number below to reserve your spot!


Bra~utopia: May 8 -12



See you there, cuties!


Erin M. is a 35-year-old artist, aerialist, and fashion lover on a mission to find great-fitting bras and help every woman feel beautiful. This long-time Bra~vo customer had an interest in guest blogging for us and sharing her own experiences in hopes of inspiring others, and we gladly welcomed her aboard! 






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