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April 7, 2018


Erin M. is a 35-year-old artist, aerialist, and fashion lover on a mission to find great-fitting bras and help every woman feel beautiful. This long-time Bra~vo customer had an interest in guest blogging for us and sharing her own experiences in hopes of inspiring others, and we gladly welcomed her aboard! Watch for more of her stories in the coming weeks...



Getting properly fitted for a bra can be a life-altering and eye-opening experience, but it can also be an intimidating one. Perhaps that’s why so few women have been to a professional fitter to get measured for a supportive, stylish bra that really fits well. So, I’m going to demystify the process of getting fitted for a bra at Bra~vo by getting fitted for one myself!


To begin with, when walking into the boutique, you’re greeted by a helpful staff member who’ll ask you if you’ve been fitted at Bra~vo before. If you haven’t, you’ll be asked to fill out a short form so that staff members can help you find the bra that’s best for you. If you have, Bra~vo keeps a record of your previous purchases so they can direct you the brands and styles that you already know you love. I had been fitted before, so I knew a bit about which bras I might like, but I was still open to new suggestions.


Looking around the shop, you’ll notice an immediate difference between Bra~vo and other boutiques. Instead of staring at a sales floor that’s crammed full of bras, swimwear, shapewear, and countless other head-spinning options that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, this store feels spacious and easy to navigate. That’s because the staff at Bra~vo is there to do the hard work for you! You’re free to browse the racks, but once you’ve been fitted, the staff at Bra~vo will provide you with options from the sales floor and the stockroom, and they know their stuff!



Once you head back to the dressing room, your fitter will ask you to remove your top or dress so that she can take a proper measurement of your bust. There are robes in every dressing room  so if you’re a bit on the shy side, don’t worry!


Once you’ve removed your top, the fitter will use a tape measure to measure you under your bust, then across the widest part of your bust. The difference between these two measurements will give her an idea of what your size might be. She’ll then ask you to slip your bra off and come back with some options that might work for you.


Now the fun begins! Finally, you get to try on bras that fit! I’m currently a 34 HH, and my fitter Ammie brought several options for me to try on. The size surprised me a bit, as I didn’t remember what my size was since my last fitting. “Most women don’t know what bra size they should be wearing, and the center of your bra should be touching your chest if it fits properly,” Ammie said. The bra that I wore into the store definitely did not!


I tried on 5 bras all together. The first three were a perfect fit in the cup but were too big in the underarm area. This is because I’m short, or as I prefer to put it, non-tall. This is not an uncommon problem, according to Ammie, “You’re a tough fit,” she said, “but that’s ok. That’s why people come here.”


 Pretty, but too big for me under the arms. 



The next bra that I tried on was too small in the cup but fit well everywhere else.


 Lovely but too small (see my squished face for proof)



Finally, I tried on a bra that fit really well in the cup and was comfortable on the sides and the underarms. It was pretty and feminine, but still provided plenty of support. It was so comfortable that I had to take it home with me!


At the checkout, I was reminded never to wash my bras in the washing machine (a crime that I’ve certainly committed) because, “The agitation causes the underwire to bend.” Instead, I was told to soak my bras in delicate wash soap, rinse them and hang them to dry.


Reflecting on the experience of getting fitted for a bra, I want women to know that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of! The fitters at Bra~vo are experts at what they do and they want you to feel great about the bras that you buy and wear. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions that you might have about fit and style options, but more importantly don’t hesitate to get fitted for a bra! You deserve it!




More About Erin M:


"Hi there! My name is Erin and I'm an artist, aerialist and circus performer, fashion maven and lover of all animals much to the embarrassment of any person who happens to be with me when I see a dog anywhere ("Can I pet your dog?" she says while snuggling with said dog because, of course, you were going to say yes!). Though I'm a woman of many passions, I consider myself to be, first and foremost, a body positive warrior! I genuinely believe that all bodies are good bodies and that every woman deserves to feel amazing about themselves inside and out!   




Me with my brand-new silhouette post Bra~vo fitting. 

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