Freddy's Fav Fall Fashion Finds

October 7, 2017

This week, Eveden ambassador and National Fit Specialist Frederika “Freddy” Zappe shares her fav fall fashion picks that just so happen to be available for fitting & purchase at our Upcoming Plush 'n Lush fitting & fashion event..and Freddy herself will be there as a guest fitter! For more info on sizes, as well as additional photos for each style, visit our Plush 'n Lush Styles page


And if you missed Freddy's first blog on fashion bras and how they can help solve the most common figure issues,  catch up here!



Moonlit (Tropical) Underwire Convertible Plunge Bra by elomi


This is a fantastic bra. It has an amazing plunge frame that works for a wide range of figure types, with a stretch lace top cup that’s especially great if you’re uneven.  It really can be worn as a basic bra under something dark making it a very wearable everyday bra. Plus, why not have a little fun?



Nicole (Black) Underwire Plunge Bra by elomi


Nicole is Ah-Mazing. It’s a new style, similar to Moonlit, so [it's] very workable with a lot of woman, but with this beautiful strappy detail in the front that you can wear everyday with your fall and winter wardrobe. Even with a lower-cut top and these straps showing—wow. Very on-trend. I LOVE Nicole.




Anushka (Luxury) Demi Cup & Plunge Styles by elomi


I love Anushka because it is so luxurious! These styles give the curvy girl the aura of an expensive designer brand that actually works for her because it goes to an H-cup. It’s fabulous, it works, and she gets to feel very sexy.

Rebecca adds : "Anushka features a firm top cup that speaks to women who might have  looser tissue at the top of their breasts—this line in particular really gives a firm hold."



Tricia (Scribble) Banded Bra by elomi


A mid-coverage frame. If you don’t feel brave enough for plunge-y and just want a great shape where you’re all tucked-in, this is the bra for you. It fits like a DREAM.


Rebecca adds: “The fabric feels much like Soraya - a smooth finish, yet firm; I really think this style is our home run for the season!”




Yvette (Navy) Back Smoothing Bra by Goddess


Yvette is AMAZING and a great price point. It’s a smooth bra with a firm cup that really lifts you up and in, giving you the look of a foam t-shirt bra (without the foam). And the navy color this season really makes it pop - it’s very rich. A great everyday, full-coverage t-shirt bra with flat lace details...done in a stretch lace that moves with you.

Rebecca adds: "This best-selling style gives a very projected look. And it’s great if you’re uneven—really gives a customized fit."




Angelina (Rouge) Underwire Vertical Seam Bra by Fantasie


Unbelievable. SO luxurious. The shape is a demi, but it’s not boobs-out-the-mouth demi, but more of an “Audrey Hepburn” demi. It creates swelling mounds rather than a “butt” look, which I’ve never been a fan of. You already have a butt - you don’t need another one! Very elegant. Very supportive bra with seams and a rigid lace fabric that gives stability.






Leona (Sunset) Balcony Bra and Spacer Full Cup Bra by Fantasie


I love that Bra~vo is featuring both of these styles. One for those who love embroidery and luxury and another with a smoother frame with just a hint of embroidery. And the spacer fabric is fabulous if you’re at that age where your body temp fluctuates or if you perspire more than average— it keeps you cool...which keeps you calm.


Rebecca adds: "The spacer fabric really moves with you, versus that hard contour cup  you might see in a fashion bra...but this style will still give you the look of the contour cup!"





Grace (Black/Silver) Underwire Full Cup Bra by Fantasie


This is a great full coverage bra. Beautiful Austrian embroidery on the top cup. The straps are center-pull—perfect for women who want to look “locked and loaded” or who have narrow or sloping shoulders. It’s a classic, elegant frame that gives the full busted woman all the coverage she wants, with a beautiful vintage lace look.



Sienna (Black) Underwire Side Support Bra by Fantasie


I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sienna. This is my favorite favorite favorite frame. It’s a demi with a vertical seam which is so flattering. The lace is incredibly luxurious with a diamond hanging in between the cups. Incredibly luxurious looking and very classic. If Audrey Hepburn were full-busted, this would be the bra that she’d choose. Sexy, but not in a push-uppy way.


Rebecca adds: “This is the best demi because it has a vertical seam—and seams direct the tissue, so it’s literally moving your tissue up. Fantasie designs vertical seam demis that are sooo comfortable...they really feel like a t-shirt bra. Don't hesitate on this style—Once it’s gone, it’s gone.”







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