Meet National Bra Fitting Expert Freddy Zappe

September 20, 2017

It’s not often that you meet a woman who gets excited about “the girls”…or rather bra problems, that is.


Lucky for us, these rare gems have a passion for sharing their expertise and insight with the rest of us!


We recently sat down with Eveden ambassador and National Fit Specialist Frederika “Freddy” Zappe, who’s been with Eveden (elomi, Fantasie, Freya and Goddess) for over 16 years (and even worked in New York with Rebecca during some of that time in pre-Bra~vo days). Freddy not only fosters brand awareness and helps create special bra-fitting events, but she personally created the Eveden Fit School to properly train retail staff.


It’s a true honor to have her in Metro Detroit for a few days, which happens just one time per year if we’re lucky! As you’ll soon learn from our chat, she’s a warm, funny, incredibly insightful woman with a passion for helping women solve their most troublesome bra issues.


So without further she is!


Bra~vo: What is the most common problem you see when it comes to bras?



Freddy: There is one issue that every fitter, no matter the country, state or city, sees day in and day out...and that is, the band is too big and the cup is too small. 80 percent of the time, this is the problem—it’s that prevalent. As a result, many women out there are wearing a bra where the band is often riding too high in the back and too low in the front, much like a see-saw...and the bust is completely unsupported.


Bra~vo: Why is this happening?


Freddy: This all stems from the fact that a long time ago, the biggest cup size available was a DDD. That’s really all women could find. So naturally, they’d go up in band size to try to fit themselves to the bra rather than the other way around. And in a number of department store establishments, it’s still like that.


I actually had a friend who worked as a fitter in a big box store designed specifically for curvy women. She was extremely frustrated because she was a very experienced fitter and knew what she was doing, but she just didn’t have the right sized product to work with. Even stocked with H cups, she didn’t have the proper tools and would end up sending women to specialty stores like Bra~vo who had bras in smaller band sizes and larger cup sizes.. She ended up leaving as a result.


Bra~vo: What’s your number one wish as a fitter?


Freddy: That women would schedule a fitting at a specialty store, rather than waste her time trying to shop online. A specialty store like Bra~vo is so important because you come in and get an actual fitting. You can order everything you want on the internet. But if you haven’t been fit for that particular bra, it’s a like trying to buy a pair of jeans...every style and every vendor fits differently. A professional fitter can help you with that.


Even if you find the product you think you want but you don’t know what to do with it (a.k.a. How to put it on, how to wear it) or you don’t know your best size in that line, then the bra will do you absolutely no good. It can be the best product in the world, but it won’t help you. Not to mention, shopping online really doesn’t save time because you have to wait to receive the product, and then there’s the back and forth of returning or exchanging.


With a professional fitting, you’ll get a personalized experience, tailored to YOU...a professional fitter will talk to you and you’ll realize what you can really wear in as little as 30 minutes.


Bra~vo: What would you say to the woman who’s reluctant to come in for a fitting?


Freddy: There are three components to a professional fitting like the one you’ll get at Bra~vo: Technical (the actual measuring component); Fit (how you feel in the bras); and Aesthetics (how you look). These are not things you can accomplish on your own in a fitting room. And I should stress that the so-called fitting you might get with a big box store is not done by professionally trained fitters. It might often just be someone who just moved over from jewelry or gowns.


At stores like Bra~vo, you’re being helped by the EXPERTS. You invest a half an hour and you go home changed in every way. It’s kind of like buying makeup. Would you try to find a new color online? No. You’d go to a cosmetic counter where you have someone to help you. I’m a big fan of someone helping me when I need it. And in the end, it really does save you time.


The bottom line is this: many women are afraid to come in, but Rebecca really does have something for everyone. She has the tools, she has the talent. You can bet it’s going to be at least 80% better than when you walked through the door.


Bra~vo:  What are your thoughts on this year’s fall fashion lineup?


Freddy: The new elomi is SO outrageous, it just gets better every season. It’s tweaked, it’s better. Our designer uses the feedback she gets from women and tweaks ever so slightly. Really, our product is always a work in progress—it never stops. It’s always “how can we make it even better?” (See more on Freddy's fav Plush 'N Lush picks in our upcoming blog!)


Bra~vo: Why fashion bras?


Freddy: Cut and sew bras, otherwise known as fashion bras, really are the original basic bras. In other words, they’re how all bras used to be sewn. Unlike most American women, who tend to think of t-shirt bras as the end all, European women understand that a bra with seams is going to support and shape you. It’s like having little fingers shaping you in and up. Why would you want to go down and out (both literally and figuratively)? And if you think about it, people aren’t going to see your bra seams—they’ll just see the amazing shape the seams give you.


Above: How a fashion bra with seams can dramatically transform your figure, as seen with this thrilled Bra~vo customer.  



Bra~vo:  Speaking of fashion, who’s your fav icon?


Freddy: Audrey Hepburn. Her fashion is timeless, elegant, effortless. She’s not trying. It’s simple, it’s not fussy. And you add the fact that she was a shining human being—no vulgarity, which is rare these days. And her look— She was gorgeous, not necessarily in a classic way...she didn’t look like anyone else at the time.


Bra~vo: What one piece would you like to see every woman own?


Freddy: Frankly, I think every woman should have a black lace bra because...why not? As long as it fits and it’s comfortable. You need your t-shirt bra and something with seams. That’s why I love Plush ‘n Lush. It might just open your eyes and mind to what’s out there. It’s like a new adventure. Just say, YES! Come in, this could literally change your life. You’ll discover things you never even knew’s honestly going to Rock Your WORLD.


Bra~vo:  Why do you love most about Plush ‘N Lush?


Freddy: It’s such fun! I love seeing the ladies who really need the help, and I love working with ladies who have curves. To me, the more challenging the fit, the more fun it is. We really have to work the product and prove it. I love that.



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