Celebrating National Bra Fitting Day

August 3, 2017


 We're getting ready to celebrate the FIRST-EVER National Bra Fitting Day on Thursday, August 24th. National days are about both celebrating and bringing attention to important causes, milestones, or ideas—and yet until this year, there's never been a day centered on the most important pieces a women puts on each and everyday - her bra! Bra~vo intimates owner Rebecca Aughton, who created the concept of a national bra fitting day, decided it was time to bring awareness to what still remains a somewhat taboo topic: bra-fitting! Read on as we chat with Rebecca about this important upcoming event and how you can help  educate the women in your family, inner circle and community learn more about this awesome cause. 


Essentially, what is this day all about?


Rebecca: I think bra fitting is one of those things that women put off. Every day I hear women come in and say, "I should have done this long ago. I look better and my shoulders feel great." Why do we put off such an important appointment? Women often think bras are a luxury item that we only deserve for a special event or to "treat" ourselves. Not so! Bras are an item we women wear every day—and we deserve comfort! We need a national day where every woman knows and accepts that it's okay to take care of yourself and do something important that improves your comfort level and your posture. It's time to take the pressure off your shoulders because, as we know, there is already a lot on women's shoulders everyday. 


That other component is about getting women fitted in the right size and style for their size and shape. Educating them about proper bra care and bra wardrobing. Essentially, the 411 on bras!



How can women who've already recently been fitted for a bra or help this cause?


Rebecca: Women need to pay this forward on their social media, using the hashtag #NationalBraFittingDay so other women will know it's not a luxury to get fitted for a bra...it's what you do for yourself!


How often should women get fitted?


Rebecca: Most women should get fitted once every two years. If you fluctuate in size, every year. We always do a quick remeasure every time a client comes in for an item. Just to fine tune her fit.


What is Bra~vo intimates doing to celebrate this very first National Bra Fitting Day?


Rebecca: We'll have a gift with purchase with an appointment and bra purchase. We will have a few in store specials and we have Fit Specialist Kelly  from Chantelle, the sponsor of our first National Fit Day, with us from 10-5 that day. 




Even if you're not in the Metro Detroit area, we encourage you to go the extra mile and research a professional fitter in your area. And if you've already been fitted and know how amazing it feels to take on the day in a comfortable bra that fits and supports, encourage the women in your lives to get an expert bra fitting and discover their most comfortable, lifted, supported and transformed selves!


Social Media Ideas: 


~Post a photo of your favorite bra from Bra~vo.


~Post a great selfie that shows off your lifted and supported bust!


~Share and comment on any posts you see from us between now and the "big day".  







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