Why Most Swimwear Fails You...And What to Do About It.

March 22, 2017



A recent study revealed that the average American woman wears a 34DD...and that’s just average! Yet most swimwear brands are still trying to fit women into what basically amounts to six sizes: XS-2X. Think about it. If you’re wearing a specifically sized bra that's designed to keep you lifted and supported underneath your clothes, why would you want to wear swimwear—an “outfit” that everybody can actually see—that doesn’t do the same thing? That’s just ludicrous. But we’ve all seen each other tugging and pulling at our swimsuits at the beach or covering up under tent-sized cover-ups at the pool. I don’t know about you, but I wait all year long for summertime. Who wants to have to wear a moo moo on a hot summer day because her swimwear isn’t working—and all because the big box department stores can’t get their acts together and carry swimwear that’s designed to fit more than a few body types (and thin, smaller-breasted ones at that!) While those suits may work for a small percentage of the American public, they leave most women feeling frustrated and depressed.  


But there’s a solution, ladies! BRA~SIZED SWIMWEAR.


I know what you might be thinking: a suit that looks like a "grandma" bra in a blah color. But let me reassure you that nothing could be further from the truth. The bra-sized swimwear collection we carry at Bra~vo intimates is stunning, on-trend, and has built-in-support that lifts, shapes, and rounds you just like the bras you shop with us. In fact, I spend a greater part of my spare time in the fall season of each year scouring the vendor catalogs from customer favorite brands like Elomi, Freya, Fantasie, and Panache, and head to Miami each year so I can personally select what you see in our swimwear boutique.    



If you haven’t perused our swimwear boutique, make sure to check it out the next time you’re in for a fitting (and the sooner, the better. Our best selection is always February - May). Bra~vo carries over 80 sizes of one-piece suits, tankinis, and bikinis in numerous cuts and styles, from a DD cup up to a J cup, with classic bikini to fuller coverage bottoms and skirts to mix & match. Go flirty, sassy, sexy, or classic—you’ll find all of those styles in our swimwear boutique! And if you need a cover-up to throw on so you can chase your kids (or grandkids) down the beach or throw something on to walk down the street and grab an ice cream cone, we have a gorgeous selection of those too, including long blouse-style cover-ups, dresses, sarongs, rompers and lounge pants. Honestly, we’ve got it all (except maybe the sunscreen).


We can’t think of anything you have to lose by booking a swimwear fitting (except a lot of anxiety about how you’ll look at the beach or pool this summer). So find 30 minutes in your schedule and do something great for yourself. You’ll be amazed at the difference.




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