Finally...Swimwear That Celebrates ALL Women

Dress-sized swimwear (sizes 2-16) comprises 95% of the market place, yet only 25% of women can actually wear these sizes and look & feel supported. Any woman wearing larger than a C cup bra needs supportive, bra-sized swimwear. If the average woman is a 36DD, it's safe to say that the majority of American women cannot comfortably wear swimwear that isn't designed with her shape and support needs in mind. 

Recently, we offered our Bra~vo customers a challenge.


Do you still have your old dress-sized swimsuit before you discovered Bra~vo? If so, would you be willing to model in this suit, along with bra~sized swimwear designed specifically to suit your shape?


These are the women you see everyday...

They're walking by you at lunch.

Sitting next to you at work. 

Swimwear is SUCH a challenge for the majority of women. They've been misled to believe they're bodies should fit an unrealistic mold. Unaware of their true measurements, many continue to struggle with conventional, practically one-size-fits all suits, wondering shamefully why this swimwear doesn't fit their bodies. We hear the stories every day from women who come to us from all over Metro Detroit. Fed up, shamed, and desperate for support - the type they can't find at department stores or online. 


Supportive swimwear is exactly that...supportive! As you can see, it covers, lifts, supports, and most of all, gives women the confidence they deserve. Help us spread the word—that help, support and confidence is available and it's just a short drive away at Bra~vo intimates. 90 swimwear sizes. Endless Possibilities.

Waiting on you at dinner. 

They're everywhere. And they need to be represented too!

Bra~vo intimates

200 sizes. Infinite possibilities.

Bra~vo intimates, your Metro Detroit bra-fitting experts,

fitting women for their perfect bra since 2001.

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