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The average big box department store bra runs approximately $38 to $50. But what exactly do these bras do for you? Let’s review the basics of your average big box manufactured bra:

1. A Limited Size Range


Even if they’re higher-end, big box stores tend to focus on the more petite-busted woman who wears a between an

A - DD cup size. But good luck finding out your actual size—instead, you’ll probably be sold on a bra that’s too small in the cup and too large in the band. Why? If you’re fuller busted or full-figured, this is the only option the fitter has to offer you (see #3 for more). And she needs to make a sale. Selling, not fitting, is her main job.


2.  A Lack of Bra-Fitting Experts


It's likely that the “fitter” has little-to-no experience in expert measuring, let alone helping you find solutions. There's a good chance she was even transferred from another department. If you’re fortunate enough to encounter an actual expert, keep in mind that she’s limited in how she can help you. Why? That takes us to #3...


3. An Inadequate Selection


 Take a closer look the next time you pass by the average department store

intimates collection and try to find a bra that can actually address your

concerns. You’ll be hardpressed to find anything but a t-shirt bra that is

really just designed for smaller-busted women (a.k.a. It’s a piece of cloth)

at your average big box store. Why? Because they’re large shopping

facilities designed to accommodate the masses, rather than the specialty

store you likely need.



4. Poor Support


We’ve all heard the saying “You get what you pay for.” In the bra industry, that $10-20 per bra you might be saving at _____________ (insert your go-to department store here) means cheaper materials. Within about three months, the fabric and cheap underband will be stretched and worn out, and when it comes to support, that spells trouble. The back will start riding up (which means the girls will fall down in the front). The synthetic padding in the cups might crinkle and bump. The straps will loosen and fray with each wear.


If you’re truly replacing these department store bras when you should, you’ll need a new one about every three months, compared to the 1-2 year average at Bra~vo. Let’s look at the big picture in terms of the cost:


A drawer full of department store bras at $30 each

= 30 x ____ (#of bras you've bought in the past 2 years).

1 bra (that you'll actually wear) from Bra~vo

= $46 to $60 average (Bra~vo's styles last at least

1 year with proper care.)

Translation: You end up paying at least double the money by avoiding what you think to be more expensive specialty store bras. ( wear a bra that provides little-to-no support for however long you extend it past the three-month mark).

At Bra~vo, our extensive collection starts at just $46—not much more than what you’ll pay at the limited department stores you’ve probably been shopping for years. And with proper care, your new bras will last you up to two years on average.

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