Meet Bra~vo intimates Founder Rebecca Aughton


The foundation for Rebecca Aughton's illustrious career in fashion began at home in her parents' fabric shop.

As a child growing up in suburban Detroit, Rebecca was first trained in the art of style, textures, and fit by her parents, who served their region of Michigan with the finest in fabrics. So it came as no surprise to anyone when she chose a career in retail and fashion, an industry which would embrace the talented and skillful Rebecca with open arms.


After graduating from Western Michigan University, Rebecca worked for Chanel, first as Metro DC's cosmetics coordinator. After a fateful conversation with Chanel's then-president, Rebecca found herself making company history by being one of select Chanel cosmetics employees to be transferred to the luxury house in Metro DC's ready-to-wear division as its Chanel Boutique Assistant Manager.


Her extensive knowledge of the world of high fashion led Rebecca to move on

to Silhouette/Hugo Boss as manager and sales trainer for the Metro DC stores

and eventually to Estee Lauder as an account executive. This experience

brought her to Eveden, a British bra manufacturer world-renowned for

perfection in the craft of bra making in an extensive size range. She served as

the U.S. sales manager; in this capacity, she became exposed to intimate apparel for a full-busted high and full-figured clientele. While at Eveden, Rebecca met and worked under Rigby and Peller owner June Kenton, a world-renowned custom bra maker and fitter to royalty around the globe, including Elizabeth II, the Queen of England.


In September 2001, armed with knowledge from some of the world's most prestigious luxury labels, Rebecca came home to Michigan and opened Bra~vo intimates, one of the finest specialty bra and swimwear boutiques in the country. Soon, Bra~vo intimates, located on Woodward Ave in Royal Oak, has become a premiere destination for women looking for perfection and fit. "I've always followed my dream; I've always followed my heart," says Rebecca. "From those days of picking up and pinning fabric to the exclusive opportunities I had working for Chanel, Hugo Boss and Estee Lauder -  I bring all of that into the fitting room with me."


More than a decade after opening Bra~vo, Rebecca is still as passionate about making women feel beautiful from the inside out. 

Bra~vo intimates

200 sizes. Infinite possibilities.

Bra~vo intimates, your Metro Detroit bra-fitting experts,

fitting women for their perfect bra since 2001.

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