Our service speaks for itself. We were voted The Best Lingerie in Metro Detroit in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013!

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~ Customer Testimonials ~


“If you are a busty lady this is the place for you. The service was top notch. Also if you are in search of a good sports bra try the Panache brand.” ~Chelsea M (10/10/2013)


“Best place to buy !!! Love it, I don’t go any where else.” ~ Lori (9/13/13)


“Love this store. The only place I buy my bras and swimsuits. The best fitting swimsuits ever.” ~Carol (9/12/13)


“I love this store. I will never shop for bras at a department store again. the staff is so friendly and knowledgable. They have a nice variety of designs, brands, and sizes, even for full figured gals.” ~Tiffany (9/12/13)


“Exceptional customer service. Great selection for the well endowed.  Wonderful shopping environment!” ~Liz B (6/12/2013)


“My mother and I had a delightful time with Rebecca trying on intimates. Rebecca is a complete professional with a personal, genuine touch that made my mother feel special. You don’t get service like this anymore. It was worth every penny.  Thank you!” ~Kimberly M (6/12/13)


“What a treat! Bravo had a great selection and a really good range of prices for me to choose from. I learned a lot about how bras are supposed to fit but also the real size that I am supposed to be wearing (bye bye D’s I learned that I am actually a DD).The service was helpful, friendly and comfortable. The quality of the bras were really exceptional. I have has too many experiences with popular brands falling apart after a few months. Yikes. I would rather buy one properly fitting  and long lasting.” ~Heather A (12/12/12).


“My experiences here have all been great. I’ve only been here on Saturdays when it can get busy so pack your patience because this is the best place to find bras for the well endowed. I love the green program they have implemented. If you decline to take a shopping bag when purchasing, you earn credits toward a discount on a future purchase. Their computer system automatically tracks your purchases toward the discount so you do not have to carry around a punch card. Their customer service is wonderful. The staff is very knowledgable and hepful. You will not be disappointed at Bra~vo intimates.” ~Jennifer W (11/8/12)


“Have continued shopping at Bravo for awhile now. The service has remained professional, attentive and very, very helpful. These ladies really do know their stuff. They now have a wonderful “green” program where you can earn credits (a discount toward a future purchase) if you bring your own bag. Be sure to purchase the special delicate detergent for washing your bras and intimates. Very reasonably priced. Love this store!!” ~Heather R (11/2/12)


“I had a very positive experience at Bravo. Within seconds of walking into the store I was greeted and fitted. I, of course, have been wearing the wrong size for years, like most women according to Oprah. The bras I took home with me are AMAZING. Finally cute bras in my size (freya is an awesome line). My favorite discoveries were a strapless bra that’s actually comfortable and flattering (never thought i’d see the day…) and a SUPER supportive and comfortable high-intensity sports bra. I’m a runner and have been either doubling up on sports bras or wearing this other brand that I could hardly breathe in. In fact, some days, I’d skip working out all together because I just didn’t want to face my awful sports bras. (that’s all changed!)” ~Danielle L (6/28/11)





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